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Corporate Overview

As managed care expands, healthcare organizations must seek new ways to supplement their success and growth. Outsourcing medical services can provide innovative health care facilities with a valuable resource for one of health care's most critical departments: medical records. Outsourcing medical transcription is a way to manage key areas for healthcare organizations.

The Medifax, Inc. solution simplifies and streamlines your daily dictation process thereby reducing costs without sacrificing quality and service. With more than 15 years of experience in stat medical transcription, Medifax, Inc. helps physicians minimize the day-to-day hassles while improving and simplifying operations.

In 1988, a group of ER physicians decided they had their fill of sloppy, incomplete, exhausting, handwritten charts. Out of their frustration grew Medifax, Inc. Medifax, Inc. is an originator of economical, high-volume, real-time transcription service. Because Medifax, Inc. offers unparalleled speed, simplicity, innovation and dependability to their clients, Medifax, Inc. has tripled in size over the past few years and intends to continue growing at an aggressive rate.

A member of MTIA (Medical Transcription Industry Alliance), Medifax, Inc. is located in the metropolitan Chicago area and offers its services to hospitals and physician practices nationwide.

Our Mission

Achieve exceptional customer satisfaction in everything we do by:

  • Providing high quality products and services;
  • Creating an environment for higher levels of employee involvement and commitment.

Our Vision

Become the preferred vendor for outsourced medical records services.