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Support That Fits Your Needs

To help run your medical transcription needs, Medifax, Inc. can provide assistance at any level ranging from overflow support to full responsibility for day-to-day medical transcription operations.

Overflow Support: You can leverage Medifax, Inc.'s knowledge and expertise while retaining full control and responsibility for your medical transcription. Medifax, Inc. will work with you to fulfill your needs in turn around time and unique style while maintaining the finest of quality. Medifax, Inc. offers a strong team to complement your own.

Day-to-Day Operation: Medifax, Inc. is a cost-effective alternative to an on-site medical transcription service. Accountable to you, Medifax, Inc. is directly responsible to deliver a clean, accurate report.

"Whenever you call Medifax, Inc., they are always there to satisfy special urgent needs."
Tom Scaletta, M.D.