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System Specifics

Hardware: The system can be accessed through telephone lines. Data is securely returned back to the client through modem, secure internet file transfer, secure email, mail, fax, etc. This eliminates the need for the client to purchase dictation equipment, therefore minimizing equipment costs and maintenance. The Medifax, Inc. system requires that each hospital own or purchase a Medifax, Inc. approved IBM-compatible computer, a modem, and printer. Medifax, Inc. can purchase the necessary equipment or simply provide an approved shopping list of required items.

Software: Medifax, Inc. handles software installation. The Medifax, Inc. computer software package is proprietary, and only Medifax, Inc. is authorized to install, reinstall, or debug the various routines and subroutines. Backup and archive routines are included. Medifax, Inc. will install the software and set up your system. The system allows each physician to dictate his/her record from any touch-tone phone, anywhere. The voice is recorded at the Medifax, Inc. office.

Training: Training is simple and requires only a couple of hours for the entire group. The Medifax, Inc. solution is easy to learn and essentially "physician-proof". Dictation technique is totally intuitive, and permits the use of any touch-tone phone. Your physicians using the system immediately following our training. In addition, Medifax, Inc. provides in-depth training of one contact person. New staff members can be trained at minimal cost.

Support: Given Medifax, Inc.'s focus on stat service, technical and administrative support is available around the clock. Service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should questions arise, Medifax, Inc. provides attentive phone support for software and transcription problems for the length of the contract, at no charge. On-site support is also available.

Customization: Because all healthcare organizations are different, services can be customized to accommodate your special needs. These may include unique reporting format, varying level of support, and specialized system integration requirements.